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All managers and coaches should be familiar with not only our local rules but Little League Rules. Be sure to download their app so you have it handy: Rulebook App

GNLL 2024 Local Rules

Pitching Information

Pitching Information for AA Division and above

Please review the pitching rules so you know how many pitches can be thrown by league age and how many days of rest are required.

The Pitching Affidavit needs to be filled out at the end of each game to document pitches thrown. Each team should have their own. This must be with the team for each game so the opposing manager can review.
pitching affidavit- gn 2023 1.pdf

The visitor team is to keep track of all pitches thrown. The Pitch Tracker document below is helpful to keep accurate track of pitches. We recommend printing a few out for the season.
pitch count tracking - 2018 1.xlsx

ScoreKeeping Information

Game Changer is the required method for GNLL to keep score. Please download the app and you can upgrade to a paid subscription if you want more of a premium experience. No cost to just use for scoring. Once game is over, scorer should send final boxscore page to the VP of your division. 

The Home Team is responsible for official scorekeeping but both teams can do their own GameChanger for stats.

Please review this link to learn how to score on GameChanger:

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