Volunteers Needed

GNLL is hosting the 11U District 20 Tournament for all of the All Stars in this age group in Glendora National, Glendora American, Ted Greene, LaVerne, San Dimas and Claremont. We got big kudos for hosting the 8U Tournament last year and we want to do a great job again for the District.

Please consider helping us this summer for this tournament which will run June 22-July 9th.

Here is a summary of the positions we will need and the sign up is below:

1. Adult Snack Bar shifts are to help cook and get orders out to customers. Must be 18 or older.

2. Youth Volunteer Snack Bar shifts for 14 years or older to help take orders and charge customers. We will sign off on volunteer hours if needed.

3. Scorekeeper-For each game we need someone to keep score with the book not GameChanger. You will be seated in a designated area. Must be 18 or older.

4. Scoreboard Operator-You will use our machine to keep score, innings and pitch count on the scoreboard. You will be seated next to the score keeper.

5. Pitch Count-We need a person to keep all pitch counts in the designated sheet provided by District. You will sit with the scorekeeper.Must be 18 or older.

6. Announcer-This person will announce all of the players and required Little League announcements.

7. Red Hat-These are volunteers who walk around our fields to make sure all rules are being followed and no prohibited items are on the fields. Must be 18 or older.


All Star Brackets

Updated Brackets in PDF (6.27.2024)

2024 8u 4.pdf

2024 9u 4.pdf

2024 10u 4.pdf

2024 11u 4.pdf

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